So many questions we have for you,the why’s,How’s and when’s? whispering these questions into your ear, we deny you respect, We blame you so much because we feel your being unfair, us failing to take responsibility for our situations and so we say “You  are to blame” With out hesitation in our minds we spit words that burn like fire and its all pointed at you! questioning the way of the univers only because we do not want to understand it.Its almost simple to understand you yet so difficult, We are reckless with you all we do is complain about how hard you have made it for us, we blame you for sickness, death,poverty and misfortune forgetting that you are just doing what you where told .Not seeing the bigger picture we dwell in the mess of our circumstances and because our eyes are sailed shut we do not want to see your beauty.

Dear life i would like to believe that everything has beauty in it because you do not answer me and dialog with me as i wish i feel we could not relate and so i dismiss you.

I did not understand that my individual self was chosen and with me being chosen you where joint with me so that i could have experiences, learn lessons, and the choice to become or think of myself anyway that i chose to.

You see life, correct me if i am  wrong but everyone wonders what you are? I am not saying i fully understand you myself. but i do know everything that was created by our creator gave us the chance to live!for humans he breathed into our lungs giving us life and gave us a soul, and the air he breathed into us was “YOU” life! our creator gave us the blessing of living.

and so life i still have a million questions for you, but i promise to do better, i promise myself i will own up to my mistakes and take responsibility for my mistakes, i promise to exhaust my fall potential and to cut the bad habits, i promise to be and do better and believe in myself more, i promise to stop blaming you instead i will call myself to order.

and when you put challenges in my way i will always remember that they are for the best.I not sure how this works but if i could, could i apologize for every one else that was created that mistreated you like i did


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