Fear we all feel

Sacrifices where never meant to be easy, Staying strong is never easy.I know what they going to say ” LOOK TO THE FUTURE ” but when you look in the present the future seems so far, probably because we can never feel it or see it. But yet we hope, we hope that its all worth it we try and not fear the unknown, we try not to doubt the process we live and hope it will fix its self along the way the untruths we never mentioned we hope they never come to light, And so we exist.

Its hard not to feel when we know it has to be dealt with and at the same time we trying to balance all the other aspects of our lives.We hoped that we knew better in the past and blame ourselves for our situation. But the past is unchangeable because it is the past.And again i know what they going to say “BUT WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT YOUR NOW”!

Deep down inside your afraid, this fear is so blury and so distant in your emotions its so hard to identify accompanied with this feeling is the thought that blocks you actually from defining this fear your mind just wont concentrate on putting the effort to thinking about the fear even for a moment, Its almost as though you don’t want to say it out aloud. So what do we do then? When your emotional and scared, you know what to do but fear the outcome of this fear you fear so much.

This fear cripples you,makes you weak and vulnerable. Your own fear turns against you and you panic. You delay to deal with your commitments or stick to your strategy and by the time you look again you still have that same fearful emotion.


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