Getting Caught Up In My Emotions

Its moments like now I find peace and zen with-in myself,the house is silent,dinners ready they is order. I think to myself what a perfect time to blog since I’ve not done so in a while. Before I start flowing with words I always take a minute to think about what it is I want to share. Today I find myself feeling blank and just abit overwhelmed. My feeling is not from no where I guess its from previous events that has happened over the weeks of my silence . my partner said something I found to be so amazing he said to me and I qoute

“they are (2) types of major emotions we feel . 1.FEAR

It made so much sense to me I felt chills ran down my spin. I almost felt as though he was reading my mind. Early on that day I had a sudden feeling of fear,I had all these not so positive thoughts ran through my mind, and the worst scary part of it all was that while deep in my thoughts I realized I was already putting together a ‘solution’ if you may call it and my solution was very disturbing. I managed to snap out of my thoughts and reminded myself that they is no good that comes from negative thinking . if anything I am attracting it to come to pass. I was in such fear my mind took me places and began making me think of such negative and so I had to stop myself right there. I can not fear the unknown..

Secondly the is LOVE . now I’m not going to elaborate so much on love because I feel they is a million perceptions about love and besides so my people write about love. I am in love but I have a question maybe you can pose to yourself .
Is it not scary to even think that one day you will lose the person you love ? How do you carry on . with all the amazing memories and life built carrying on with out the makes me feel sick to my gut . I don’t know that’s just me I guess I am still trying to wip up the guts to ask  myself how can I fear the unknown.


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