Take a step back and view the beauty.

The term life is so wide, they is many ways to define and understand life .the beauty of it is such that you could look at life from a deep inside look or just look at life from its outter appearance. Picture life as a piece of Art; a piece that catches your eye,a piece you could stear at for hours. When you look at this work of Art you can relate to it, you are in understanding and feel almost as though it’s yours .

Life can be looked at in the same way. Ever heard of that fraze “Every time i look at it,i see somthing new”?
Just by looking at this peice you could make a whole story up in your imagination,you could define the characters,you could even go as deep as dicribing the emotions by the expression in the art.

Is it just me or have you not noticed that is how we look at life? Every time we take time to sit back and reflect on our personal lives we visualize! It best happens when we think back at happy,sad,challenging,crazy moments. I use the word “moments” becase moments are never remembered as a flim roll play but as glimpses “pictures” accompanied with words of familiur voices,laughs and sounds. 

A peice of Art could have (10) different shades and could tell a thousand words but it’s still so beautiful. Unique by its story strong in character and bold in colour. Doesn’t that sound familiur?
If you do not see the point yet i will say it to you!!!
It is your life!!!!your picture,your piece of Art,your story,your uniqueness. Look at your peice of Art and the beauty,perfect it make it bold make it be Beautiful


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