Where can she find her peace .

Being the young women she was she was ambitious,she was strong. She never held anyone responsible or accountable for failures in her life. She was wronged many times and she wronged too she was no where near perfect… A good hearted women just always found it hard to smile at her achievements and hardly even noticed she had. Her character so full of life, with a wide beautiful smile and bright teeth, fair skinned with black thick healty African hair. Many told her she was beautiful!slim,perfectly fitted body with everything just the right proportion. It did not really matter to her,she felt less then pretty or independent. She found herself what it seemed to be always making the worst decisions. With her ego short down and low self esstim how could she find it in herself to love what she saw in the mirror!! She had convinced herself that she had her life under control but what did she know!!at the age of (20)  had her first child,then went on to do what she thought was right and got married. Poor girl what did she know at the time,who did she have to tell/advise her.. she had amazing family, an uncle who loved her like his own. And ‘Boy’did they try to warn her “I have it under control ” her mind convinced. She took advise as though it where a  personal attack on her. She lost herself in her own world .



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