Give yourself time!!!

In what ever we do in our lives time is always around us . Our day,lives consist of time. What are we doing with our time. Are you happy with how you spent your day today¿

Allowing yourself to use time is the source of everythig we do in our day to day lives. So why not , yes sure the have deadlines but let’s look at it from a calm and simple thinking . Allow yourself to think through, allow your self to solve and it will come to you . Ever notice how rushed desicion always flop?  Now ask yourself
“did  I give myself time to think it out ”  I have had to apply it in my own life .
Here  is a little story about myself. 

They came a time in my life I did not know what I wanted to be . That stage in your life you ask yourself what is my purpose ! Well it took me many loops and hoops to get the answer. With positive people around me they only enabled the person that I am today . But still once I came to terms with what it is I want to be someday I still felt stuck . I asked myself “how ” in the back of my mind it seemed to be there but I just could not spit the words out . So I started reading motivational and self development books . From there I  got that using time to its fullest I will figure it out some how ! And so I did . I wrote everyday (I love writing by the way ) as time gose by the same positive people I associated myself with asked me how I was doing . I told them I know what my passion is but just don’t know how to get there . The suggestion of starting a blog came up and my face lit up !!!!

Yes!!! A blog that’s how I could get heard,express and touch people exactly what I wanted to do my pure intention . 

The moral of what I’m putting across is that i did not awake the next day and was on it, I took time I researched on bloggers and how influential we are . I GAVE MYSELF TIME !!!

And look now .. I have my own blog
#small achievements make a big diffrence …….


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